Nanomachines. Fundamentals And Applications

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Nanomachines represent one of the most fascinating topics in of nanotechnology


Covers diverse biomedical, environmental and technological applications of nanomachines

Covers the fundamental challenges for nanoscale motion

Covers the latest advances in the design and operaton of a wide range of small-scale machines

Written in review format with cited articles to cover latest research and developments.

Written with college graduate level in mind to appeal to a broad interdisciplinary audience

It covers the evolution of nanomachines in general from a historical perspective, the fundamental challenges for motion at the nanoscale, different categories of biological and synthetic nano/microscale motors based on different propulsion mechanisms, ways for controlling the movement directionality and regulated speed, followed by detailed of major areas for which nanomachines has the potential to make a transformational impact

It ends with a futuristic look at nano/microscale machines and into their impact on the society

Key Features The only nanomachine introductory textbook currently available

These tiny devices provide diverse opportunities towards a wide range of important applications, ranging from targeted delivery of drug payloads to environmental remediation

This book addresses comprehensively the latest developments and discoveries in the field of nano- and microscale machines

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